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Welcome to our humble home on the web. It is VERY simple, plain and uneventful... which is just the way we like it. It's almost scary to think that we have a several techies at Cards Vault Cards, and yet we have such a simple web presence... but that's because we want to pass ALL the savings onto the gamer! We have fulltime jobs that keep us busy (when we're not playing, and making Force of Will jokes), so rather than spend oodles of time on a website, and have to charge back money on YOUR cards, we keep it low-key.

About Cards Vault Cards

Well, we thought we were cool... we thought we could start a comic and gaming store, but alas, we just didn't love Manga, Comics and Action Figures as much as we loved Magic! So we re-organized, sold off everything else, got fulltime jobs, and focused on Magic and Magic online! (We can still get Hockey, Football, Baseball, Basketball, TNA, Garbage Pail Kids, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and CARDFIGHT! at wholesale box prices for you, check our website again or email us: vaultkeeper@cardsvault.com

At Cards Vault Cards we are gamers just like you, and being from the New York and Washington(Where Magic was invented!) regions we know Magic: The Gathering better than anyone! Don't fall for these other guys pawning cards out of their 'big warehouses', we are a small company focused on delivering pack freshat rock bottom prices. Why!? Because we've been there when all you needed was one more Skullclamp for that killer deck... or when that huge qualifier tournament was coming up and you just couldn't find a box of Core Set without breaking the bank.

Well, you can count on us. Becuase we know what it's like, and we're out to change the industry!

In fact, at Cards Vault Cards we make less than $5 on each sale, and that is by design, go ahead and compare our listings to ANYONE else. Our desire is to circulate cards at the lowest possible prices, and spread the game love! Everyone working for Cards Vault Cards holds a fulltime job, and it's NOT with Cards Vault Cards. The one thing that Soulbinds us together is our love of the game and the communities. So don't hesitate, help us spread the love and the game by buying your next box or pack (+FREE STUFF) from Cards Vault Cards!

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